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Medical care, particularly in the countryside, is also a priority to many African Governments and Clifton Africa designs, constructs  and equips small (15-30 bed) clinics. The light steel frame construction methods enable us to replicate simple, tested designs quickly and inexpensively and provide well-insulated and versatile buildings.



The spread of Covid 19 has focussed government’s priorities throughout the world on the provision of specialist clinics, personal protection equipment and reliable testing procedures. Clifton Africa has leveraged its relationships with medical suppliers globally to provide the very best medical kit. We source these products from a variety of countries including Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Europe and China and can deliver with very short lead-times to countries throughout Africa. 



Testing kits, both PCR and instant, are available from branded manufacturers such as Roche, ABI  and Abbot as well as in generic form. We have access to premium masks from 3M as well as FDA-approved masks from China for as little as $0.35 each. We are also able to provide emergency ‘surge’ isolation hospitals with up to 112 beds which can be containerised and moved from one location to another as well as state of the art respirators.

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