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We build our homes using modern techniques that work best in the country we are building in. Our two preferred methods are Aluminium Formwork, this method uses collapsible aluminium forms as moulds. These are filled with concrete to form walls and floors for multiple-story buildings. As each floor is completed and the concrete has set the moulds are removed, placed on top and another floor is built. Our second preferred method is Light Steel Frames, these provide a fast, strong and well insulated building method which is particularly suited to hot climates. The components can be manufactured on-site and assembled by trained local teams. Once the framework is in place a mesh is attached to the outside and expanded polystyrene is sprayed in to the cavities between the posts. The building may then be rendered on the inside and outside. The frames can also be clad in cement board and plasterboard. Alternatively large sections of the building may be made in ‘workshop’ conditions and transported to the site for assembly. Electricity and plumbing is routed through pre-prepared channels and the accuracy of the manufacturing and assembly mean that windows, doors and internal fittings such as electrical sockets can be simply ‘clicked’ in to place. This method allows buildings of all sizes to be constructed quickly at to a very high standard while keeping costs and wastage to a minimum. This allows for quick and inexpensive construction of apartment blocks giving structural strength and good sound/heat insulation.

These proven construction methods eliminates wet trades and as our designs are project specific, on site waste is drastically reduced. This method of construction is easily transportable, environmentally friendly and allows rapid installation, providing a strong and durable home that is termite, rot and pest resistant. The homes have excellent fire resistance, thermal and sound ratings. Our proven construction technologies are suitable for use in cyclone and earthquake regions. 
Our modular housing concept successfully combines a high-tech and Low cost solution offering affordable homes, that can be built quickly using Local semi-skilled Labour providing homes, jobs, knowledge transfer and a boost to the Local economy. 
Our team of architects and engineers work with Local partners to provide quality affordable housing. 









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